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Test Code LAB252 Wet Mount (Trichomonas, Yeast, Clue Cells)

Biohazard Infectious

Specimen Type

Vaginal or Vulvovaginal swab

Specimen Requirement

Swab: Collect a Culturette swab of the vagina or the vulvovagina.


Note: Consider the Affirm Vaginitis Screen by DNA probe test for higher sensitivity and specimen stability.

Rejection Criteria

Reject if specimen container is unlabeled or leaking.

Reject for inappropriate storage or transport.

Storage and Transport

Transport swab to the Microbiology Lab at room temperature within 2 hours of collection.

If transport is delayed, the swab cannot be screened for Trichomonas.

Testing Schedule


Reference Range

No Trichomonas, clue cells, yeast or fungal elements identified.

Testing Department



Microscopic examination

CPT Code


Additional Testing Locations

This test is also performed daily at the following Altru Clinics:

  • Crookston
  • Devils Lake
  • East Grand Forks
  • Family Medicine Residency
  • Red Lake Falls
  • Altru Professional Center Laboratory